According to the annual Harris poll on Americans' favorite sports, nobody likes women's sports. I'm shocked.The poll asked Americans for their favorite sport and for the umpteenth time in row, professional football came in first with thirty percent of the respondents' votes. The closest behind football was professional baseball at fifteen percent. Funny how people still refer to baseball as America's pasttime, despite the fact twice as many people list football as their favorite. I think it's all the jackass baseball fans who just don't want to admit that baseball is fucking stupid. I used to play Little League baseball. I played third base, which is what baseball fans refer to as "the hot corner." It was so hot that I had to constantly fight the overwhelming urge to lay down and take a nap. And that's just when you're on defense. When you're team is batting it's even worse because most innings you don't even leave the bench. No wonder it's quickly losing popularity.

But this article isn't about how fucking stupid baseball is, it's about how fucking stupid women's sports are. The only women's sport that had more than a one percent response was women's tennis at two percent. Bowling, yes that's right I said BOWLING, finished higher on the list than women's professional soccer and professional basketball. Bowling is a something only old people and child molesters watch and it still finished ahead of women's soccer and basketball. This is quite interesting news, because if you listen to all the cranky bull-dyke feminists out there, women's sports have made huge strides and they're very popular. Huge strides? You call less than one percent a huge stride? So that means nobody liked it before and almost nobody likes it now? Oh yeah, huge strides, I'm sure women's soccer is going to unseat football as America's favorite anytime now.

Now before you say it, no, the poll doesn't take into account how many people like how many different sports. It could very be that, say, somebody who listed football as their favorite sport, also watches a lot of baseball or basketball games, and that's true. There are a lot of people who watch more than one sport, but how many people really follow closely more than about one or two sports? They may watch a game on TV for something to do, but chances are they don't really care that much who wins or loses. I personally haven't watched a full game of anything but pro football in probably five years or more.

Having said that, even if this took into account the people who follow more than one sport, the results would probably be the same because the majority of pro football fans are probably not rabid women's basketball fans and vice versa. The fact is, nobody gives a shit about women's sports. And do you know why nobody gives a shit about women's sports? Because they fucking suck.Women are not as athletic as men and the quality of play and quality of competition is nothing compared to men's sports. I used to watch the WNBA when it first started just to laugh at those bitches because it sucked so badly compared to the men's NBA. They would always have those interviews with the WNBA stars who would tell the stories about how some drunk guy insulted them in a bar so they challenged him to a game of basketball and won. Yeah congratulations, you beat some old fat drunk guy. You still suck. Just because one of the best women's basketball players on the entire planet beat a man with far below average basketball skills does not mean that women are on the same level as men. If they really wanted to prove they were on the same level as men they would have challenged NBA players. If Lisa Leslie would have beaten Michael Jordan one on one, then maybe I would have taken the WNBA seriously. Then I would believe they were on the same level. The fact is, women suck and nobody gives a fuck about their sports who isn't either a raging lesbian or somebody trying to appear politically correct. Go back to knitting and leave the sports to the men.

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people think that women's sports are a fucking joke