When did the powers-that-be at Ohio State get the brilliant idea to put the word "the" in front of Ohio State? What the fuck difference does it make? I understand that they're going for emphasis on the fact that there is only one Ohio State. Yeah no shit professor, I don't think anybody has ever argued that there is more than one Ohio State. As a matter of fact I don't think anybody has ever argued that there is more than one Michigan, Harvard, Stanford, Penn State, Yale, Brigham Young, etc. So just how in the hell does adding the word "the" make you sound more prestigious? I think this is part of Ohio State's effort to reposition themselves as a prestigious school. It's kind of like how they have recently raised their tuition by ungodly amounts with the hopes of attracting only more serious students. Nice try bitches but it isn't working.

Ohio State is a party school. I know there are some good programs at Ohio State but Ohio State gets their student population because OSU is a popular place to go. A lot of people had parents graduate from OSU, and a lot of people have a lot of friends at OSU so it's a very appealing decision for a lot of students. But no, that isn't good enough for OSU bigwigs, they want people to go there because it's a prestigious and serious school. So they add the word "the" in front of the name. I don't think anybody has told them yet, but when people say "I graduated from THE Ohio State University" they sound like fucking idiots.

Football players do it a lot when they're being introduced. Most players will say their name and then say Miami, or Michigan, or Nebraska, or whatever school they went to and be done with it. Occasionally you'll have some dumbass say it in retarded fashion. I once heard Brian Griese, current Tampa Bay quarterback, pronounce Michigan "Meeeechigan" and he sounded like a complete jackass. And then occasionally you'll hear a player say when their school was founded, as if anybody in the world other than them gives a rat's ass when their school was founded. Frankly I don't even give a shit what college football players went to, much less when that school was founded. Hell nobody even says the word "university." It's sort of understood that Miami means Miami University. But then you have those retards who get in front of the camera, looking all proud, and they say "I'm _______ from THE Ohio State University." And they always have this big, shit-eating grin as though they accomplished something by going to "THE Ohio State University" more than the next guy accomplished by going to a lesser college such as Harvard or Duke. And what the hell is the difference? If they're playing in the NFL, chances are they just cheated their way through college and didn't even graduate anyway, so does it really matter how you say the name anyway?

I think from now on, just to spite OSU people, I'm going to say that I graduated from THE Wright State University. Because THE Wright State University sounds so much more impressive than just Wright State or WSU. I mean Wright State sounds like a shitty state school where only dumbasses go, but THE Wright State University sounds like you need an IQ of at least 150 to get in the door. Maybe that's what I should put on my resume so it looks more prestigious. I graduated from the hallowed halls of THE Wright State University. Dumbasses.

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dumbasses are proud of the fact that they go to THE Ohio State University