It's time once again for the annual Celebrity Whore Championship. The basic principle is that I take a list of celebrity whores (compiled from my list and also nominated by readers), I set up a bracket for a single-elimination tournament, and then readers vote on each whore head-to-head matchup until we have only one whore left standing, who will be crowned's Celebrity Whore Champion.

For the remainder of the month, I'm asking readers to nominate the biggest celebrity whores to be included in the contest. Drop me an email at titled "Celebrity Whore Nominees" with the biggest whores in celebritydom. You can nominate as many whores as you wish, and are encouraged to do so. It doesn't help if I get 50 emails that just list Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. You may include in your email brief reasons for nominations, but it isn't necessarry for a nominee to be included in the final list. As always, there are only two rules for nominations...

1. All nominations MUST be bona-fide celebrities. No "local celebrities" or personal acquaintances will be considered. Your ex-girlfriend may very well be a whore, but she is not a valid nomination for this contest.

2. Porn stars are not eligible for nomination, as there would be thousands of entrants and very little difference in whoriness between them. For the purpose of nomination, posing in Playboy does NOT count as being a porn star. For example, Pamela Anderson would be a valid nomination, Jenna Jameson would not.

After all the nominations are sent in, I will consider all nominees and compile the final list of entrants into the tournament. I will set up a bracket, and we will proceed like a regular single-elimination tournament. Every day I will have a poll for an individual one-on-one, whore-versus-whore match up and you, the reader, will vote for whoever you think is the bigger whore. Depending on the number of entrants, during the early rounds I may have 2-3 polls per day to speed things up just a bit, but I'll make that decision when I get to it. Finally, we will arrive with one winner, the Celebrity Whore Champion.

Will this be the year someone finally unseats Paris Hilton as the biggest whore in Hollywood? Only you can decide.

Celebrity Whore Championship I results

Celebrity Whore Championship II results